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Published by Sweet Crypto
On Aug 30th, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-14.93%)
BTC then: $9,583.51

Important support being tested, a trend reversal right now would be great

Published by Crypto Master
On Aug 29th, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-14.11%)
BTC then: $9,492.23

Why Bitcoin?

Published by Digital Gold
On Aug 12th, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-28.4%)
BTC then: $11,387.10

So far so normal

Published by The King Of Crypto
On Aug 9th, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-31.22%)
BTC then: $11,852.81

This is only getting better!

Published by The King Of Crypto
On Aug 5th, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-31.25%)
BTC then: $11,858.98

$12k can come really soon

Published by The King Of Crypto
On Aug 4th, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-25.61%)
BTC then: $10,960.40

Testing again the superior wall of the channel

Published by Crypto Master
On Aug 1st, 2019
BTC now: $8,152.93 (-18.73%)
BTC then: $10,031.50
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