Bitcoin at $20,000 by the end of August

Published by Lorena Campos
On Jul 9th, 2019
BTC now: $10,720.10 (-6.04%)
BTC then: $11,409.19

That's it, it's starting again, those who lived 2017 know what I am talking about. Now it's the time that all your friends ask you: ?What about bitcoin? Is not dead yet? And they start wondering what they are not making money with it.

The next step is the histeria. When institutional starts to come massively, those guys who were sniffing around will jump in at light speed causing parabolic micro bubbles like the one we saw last $13k

My prediction is that we hit $20k by Aug and $100k by Dec 2019. What's yours?

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11 days ago
Keep dreaming
Lorena Campos
10 days ago
We are still in July, let's talk in August

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