Important support being tested, a trend reversal right now would be great

Published by Crypto Master
On Aug 29th, 2019
BTC now: $8,145.50 (-14.19%)
BTC then: $9,492.23

$9,500 is a great support that has been tested several times in the last weeks. If the current test stands we can see a great reversal on Bitcoin trend aiming on testing $12K again soon

BTC News:

Nomics, a CoinMarketCap alternative, now publishes indices that track how transparent a token’s trading volume is The platform found that only 17% of bitcoin (BTC) trading volume is transparent or trustworthy, although bitcoin has the largest transparent trading volume out of the 3,800+ coins the platform is tracking

Last night, a massive buy order for Bitcoin on BitMEX appeared at $10,150 and then again later at $10,120 and sat there over the course of a few hours, pushing Bitcoin price up incrementally. Buy orders of this magnitude are rare, and when left in a large single order block, are called “buy walls.”

China Cryptocurrency Leaked:

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