This is only getting better!

Published by The King Of Crypto
On Aug 5th, 2019
BTC now: $8,138.68 (-31.37%)
BTC then: $11,858.98

If you've been following my series of articles, you know that not always I get everything right on my trades/ideas as any human trader in this world, but lately we got some serious trades in the clear trends that formed around the BTC price

The good news is that after breaking the $10k resistance we more than confirmed the return of the bulls in a well formed channel that has it's superior wall at $13K right now (Aug 5, 2019)

I personally think we will test it very soon, but what is more interesting is that this movement associated to the debacle of the US/World economy can bring us to $20k sooner than everyone is expecting

When I publish an article saying that we could test $12K soon:, a lot of people were skeptic but here we are, at $11,858 as the time of this writing

In no means this is investment advice or anything like that, it's my opinion and I do expect to be wrong a lot of times, even though I hope to be right most of the time :)

That's all for today, we will have very interesting days ahead, I hope to be able to write updates and analyses every day. Good luck hodlers!

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